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Blue Horizon Carbis Bay
Blue Horizon Carbis Bay
Tide on the Rocks Carbis Bay
Tide on the Rocks Carbis Bay

Atlantic Blue in Carbis Bay

8th October, 2015

Just as I was enjoying taking photographs on the cliff walk, the memory card for the camera runs out. It cannot be wiped clean here as the laptop is in Falmouth. I make for the town where I find a camera shop and purchase a new memory card. I forgot just how many photographs I had taken both in Scotland and Cornwall.

To make up for lost time I get a local taxi to Carbis Bay. The drive down to he bay itself takes in the whole expanse of this lovely bay with sweeping views over the sea. It is a good feeling walking onto this beach as there are so few people. At one point I am the only person on the beach. This was only punctuated by the odd person taking a stroll. The tide is slowly coming in and once again I head for an area of rocks, always a good subject for photography when the tide is coming in as the water can create drama splashing against the rocks as the tidal waves make their presence known.

However I also become involved in the sea surface itself here. As the waves come in and start to get bigger, the blueness of the ocean provides further drama as it rises and falls with the force of the tide as it gets nearer enveloping the sand in its grasp as it approaches.

The whiteness of the froth on the waves surface provides a striking contrast to the large swathes of blue and the whole feeling of the expanse of the Atlantic is felt on this bay. The sweeping curve of the bay and the lack of people juxtaposed with the vibrance of the blue sea is intoxicating.  As the Atlantic Ocean is the most unprotected of all the oceans, looking out at the horizon and incoming tide, I am reminded how much we need to protect it and maintain the purity of it as demonstrated on Carbis Bay.

Next Stop-Connemara on the Wild Atlantic Way-Not till November though

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