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Ascending the Skye Bridge
Ascending the Skye Bridge
Goodbye Skye
Goodbye Skye


20th September, 2015

Well it's  the morning of the 31st August. I am so grateful that I escaped the Bank Holiday rush because of being occupied climbing The Old Man of Storr and The Quiraing. I have my last breakfast at the Rosedale Hotel on the harbour. The muted grey breakfast room on the first floor overlooks a stunning view sometimes sunny sometimes misty as is the mood of Skye. As everything is packed I go for a last stroll around Portree before I go. I go into the outdoor shop to find a small wool hat recommended by Jonah to keep your head warm walking. Sometimes the weatherproofs need something else! I find what I want so that is fine. As instructed I say Jonah Jones sent me. I cross to another shop to pick up an inexpensive Black Watch tartan scarf because I love Black Watch tartan and I will have a little bit of Skye with me when it gets cold.

I take some last photographs of the harbour before I need to depart for the bus to Inverness. I collect my case say my goodby's at the hotel and make my way to the town square where there are a few people waiting for the bus also. The bus comes and we all get on and show our tickets. The sun has come out and the journey is very picturesque especially Kyle of Lochalsh where the weather is really warm.

I feel many things as the Skye Bridge approaches. Because this time I am departing not arriving. I take my camera using point and shoot when on a moving bus and take the pictures of the departure from the bridge in the same way as I did on arrival. I put the camera away and yes I do look back I look back at Skye as long as I can. I sit down and digest my thoughts of which there are many. I have spent time in such an inspiring and evocative place. I had a reason for coming and I will have a reason to return, but in the meantime all of these things will be fed into the painting I am about to produce.

Watch this space to see updates of the work as it progresses. The one just started is 6 ft x 5 ft so will take A WEE WHILE!! But there is another on the go also so will work between the two

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