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Tide and The Stack at Talisker Bay
Tide and The Stack at Talisker Bay


16th September, 2015

So we are still on Talisker Beach and in true Skye tradition the sun has changed to wind and rain. The tide is really coming in but I do not want to go,  the weather as it is adds to the eeriness of the area but it is also charged with energy and for me the atmosphere is seductive and alluring-I cannot leave yet. I go further into the water and you can start to feel its force now over the rocks-just a few more photos before the tide is to near!!!

The water itself and the wave formations are fantastic as the force of the North Atlantic is felt. As I watch the waves are becoming more powerful in the distance and the magnificance of the elements both past and present can be felt here-the presence of the incoming tide and the presence of a past where the cliffs lava is witness to its volcanic history.

The water over the rocks is getting more forceful and The Stack rock formation looks ominous in the distance. The rain is getting heavy now and we must leave. As we leave Talisker Bay we are drenched by the rain on the walk back. But it was worth every moment. What an atmospheric place-I will go back

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