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Talisker Beach with rain an incoming tide
Talisker Beach with rain an incoming tide
Talisker Tide with Black Sand
Talisker Tide with Black Sand


16th September, 2015

Suddenly it is sunny and warm and we are on our way to Talisker Bay. The road to this area is enchanting. The hills are lower and seem to converge gently on each other like lifelong friends. There is a gentle familiarity in their closeness. It feels like a secret place and it is like not wanting to tell anybody about it. You want to keep it for yourself. The narrow road opens onto an area for parking which is adjacent to a peacock farm. We take our gear and there is a longish but pleasant walk to the beach area. Talisker Bay is dark and dramatic. Sixty million years ago a chain of volcanoes formed on Skye and the North Atlantic, and the towering cliffs that frame the bay, are formed of lava flows from the time when the volcanoes were erupting much as Iceland still does today. The hot sun is now no more making the black sand and incoming tide an intense experience.

My aim here is to capture the Atlantic as the tide comes in but before we need to get out of the tides way!! I do go quite far into the water to get the photographs and that in itself is an exhilerating experience. The colour of the water is dramatic and the waves are steadily moving higher-the scene and whole bay is intoxicating and Tom at times shouts "take the shot now Mary-take it now" I do take the shots and I know that these images and the experience here is going to influence a body of work. I love this place.


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