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Brooding Sky over the Atlantic
Brooding Sky over the Atlantic
Storm over the Atlantic
Storm over the Atlantic


16th September, 2015

Well The Rosedale Hotel on the harbour in Portree is good. Nice room with a bath as well as a shower. I have a great breakfast by table overlooking the harbour. I have the fish platter with smoked salmon, trout and Mackerel-don't worry it is breakfast size and comes with oatcakes and a squidge of lemon. Today 27th August I am meeting with Tom Hodgetts, a photographer who will be giving me pointers for landscape photography as we travel around the island. He knows all the good spots as he has moved here from Lincolnshire three years ago. His wife and two children, parents and grandparents also live on the island I want to go to Talisker Beach but the rest is up to him. He knows why I want the photographs.

Tom Picks me up from the hotel in his van. Since he graduated from Falmouth School of Art he has worked with his photography on Skye as well as training for taking people out climbing and on walking tours. He is a wildlife enthusiast, and can spot any species of bird from a long distance as well as wax lyrical on other wildlife on the island (Check out Tom Hodgetts 01478 611576/07917197295 - We head for the coastline and views of the horizon which is both misty and stormy in the changeable morning weather. As you can see from the photographs on the left, it is the same scene, but the weather changed from brooding to stormy quite quickly. Soon after that the sun reappeared and that was the changing scenario most of the day. The misty and moody Island provides continuing varied light formations that play with the landscape in magical ways and formats. It is both seductive and inspiring-a paradise for plays of light.

Next stop Talisker Beach - CAN'T WAIT-It is getting a separate page read part 2

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