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Skye Bridge coming up
Skye Bridge coming up
Portree Harbour
Portree Harbour


14th September, 2015

I am at Inverness bus station waiting for the Skye Bus to the Misty Isle. It is not good weather and am aware of some looks as I have ordinary boots on rather that walking boots. Little do they know that they are in my suitcase-SO THERE!! But revenge is sweet when those that paid their fare on the bus pay twice the price of me as I booked well in advance. The initial journey skirts the full twenty six miles of Lochness-very picturesque but I do not see a sign of Nessie! The weather is not good ,rainy and windy and you can feel the wind beneath the bus, but the driver is careful and focused. Past Lochness it becomes more mountainous and the mist over this scene is evocative. Many hikers and climbers leave at varying stops on the way and am surprised that the amount going to Portree (the capital of Skye-but no cathedral ,believe me it does not need one it has the mountains instead) is not that large. My destination is Portree. We stop for a breather at Kyle and Lochalsh truly beautiful place and we are now heading for the Skye Bridge. The weather is slightly better but already you are aware of the light that wonderful sense of light that pervades the `island and constantly changes from silver white to dark moody and even forboding but all beautiful in equal measures.

 I can see it in the distance-the Skye Bridge. Its still very distant. It opened in 1995 you can see the similarities to the Atlantic Road Bridge in Norway which opened in 1985. It is coming closer and sitting in the very front of the bus I take the photographs as the bridge comes up. It is not easy to get the image from a moving bus but it is there and as planned

On the 26th August 2015 I have at last crossed the Skye Bridge


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