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Approaching Dromochter Pass
Approaching Dromochter Pass
Dusk over Dromochter Pass
Dusk over Dromochter Pass


14th September, 2015

So it is real I am on my way fending off the crowds at King's Cross station. The journey is uneventful Geographically until we get to Pitlochry. Here the landscape changes as the hills appear and gradually rise continually. We are late due to the Incident mentioned in another newspage, and as we approach the majestic Dromochter Pass the dusk is drawing in. Outside the train window the full drama of the pass is silhouetted against a foreground of pine trees and the whole carriage falls silent. Nobody talks, and all persons are facing the window taking in the view. I am reminded of the paintings of the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich. His figures always with backs facing the viewer is replicated in the passengers engaged in silent contemplation looking out at the scene from the train. The mountain pass punctuated by pine trees and dusky hues draws us to the scene which is both eerie and contemplative in its majesty. The sublime is very present here.

The Dromochter Pass gives way to the Cairngorm mountain range and it is now very nearly dark. The mountain range appears to give way to solid black forms against the sky as evening draws in. I am tired but feel an anticipation as we arrive in Inverness where I will stay overnight.

The nine and a half hour journey has been tiring but the train journey is worth the view.

Tomorrow I will cross the Skye Bridge.

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