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Dancing in Donegal
Dancing in Donegal

COVID-19 and an Irish Meditation

24th November, 2021

Well, Covid -19 has taken over the world and people must adapt and take stock of their lives, within a global pandemic.

The planned trip to Ireland will take place another time in the future, and at least I had not actually booked a flight or accomodation. 

During lockdown, the work produced entailed two bodies of work. One called Irish Meditations and another based on Dusk, but within the confines of what happens when dusk falls in terms of mythological thoughts within Irish Culture. This I will talk about later.

Irish Mediations, as in my statement, addresses the culturage heritage that lies within land or landscape. So the memory of such things is reflected in the work. I did seven larrge paintings, four paintings that are 120cm x 90cm, and three paintings that are 90cm x 60cm, pluse a selection of work on paper.

I concentrated on the lived experience of place combined with the cultural heritage that lies within that exoerience. This encluded childhood memories as well as exploring the reklationship between land and cuktural heritage. In my case this included my own mixed Irish and English heritage.

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