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Thinking About Grass
Thinking About Grass
Irish Dancing
Irish Dancing

Notions of heritage. history and memory inheritance in land.

23rd September, 2021

Between 2019 and the start of 2020 , the whole notion of going  to and experiencing the land travelled to,  took on new meaning and purpose.

The awareness that looking at land, as it were as.a metaphor, for notions of history, heritage and memory, were also aligned with my idea of looking at land and the lived experience of being in a place. 

This gave rise to two small  pieces of work on paper. They are "Thinking Anout Grass", and "Irish Dancing".

I was planning a trip to Ireland, starting in Donegal, and then on to Letterfrack and Connemara and the Renvyle Peninsula, as well as visiting Galway and Dublin before returning home. 

Thinking About Grass, reflects notions of what lies beneath?. Who has trodden the grass, and what historical contexts can be deduced from walking in such places. For me, having spent so many summers visiting the West of Ireland as a child,  there are evocations of nostagia, and memories that present  themselves  in the moment of the lived experience of the same land within the present. "Irish Dancing", goes further touching on the culture that lies within the land and its relation to those that live within it, and walk upon it. 

Thinking about these things, now in creative mode, It was time to take myself off to some exhibitons to further support and inspire the work ahead of me. 

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