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Pippy Houldsworth Gallery
Pippy Houldsworth Gallery
inspiration on my paint pallet
inspiration on my paint pallet


24th March, 2019

After leaving the John Martin Gallery, I make my way towards the back of the Royal Academy.There are art students here promoting an art trail as part of the celebrations for the 250th year of the Royal Academy. On my way to Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, I pop into EAT as it is cool and I want a Cappuccino. Over coffee I peruse the book on Martin Finnin's art work aquired at John Martin Gallery. I love his titles such  as, THE IMPORTANCE OF GOOD GLUE and, SEEING THE ORDINARY. I think most visual artists see the ordinary in a manner that may be extraordinary simply by their own interpretation. But time for the next gallery.

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery is situated in Heddon Street. Although it is off Regent Street, I had not noticed it before, as the street sighn is so high and it is enetered by a passageway you may not notice.

It is light bright but homely in its own way, and the gallery representative on duty is more than welcoming. Hello, she says, "Have you been here before" I say no not to this particular gallery, and I am swept away to be given an explanatiuon of the exhibiton.. She is French and from Paris and has only been here three weeks but she is fantastic and if only that happened in more galleries. She was keen to point out a painting by Maria Farrar, and I also noticed the work of a young artist called Gabriella Boyd, who's solo show I had seen on the ground floor of Blain Southern in Hanover Square. It is all painting and I so loved that. The title of the exhibition is called Hypnagogia, which is a state beteen being awake and asleep. The artists though all painters, while responding to the theme, varied in commonality with regard to the colours used and the treatment of the surface worked on. I enjoyed this exhibition and my first time at Pippy Houldsworth and the womderful welcome from a very informed gallery representative. What a treat. I make my way back past the Royal Academy, where students are still handing out information of the art trails. Its been hot, informative and totally inspiring.

Well,  a productive day. How great to see so much painting on show, but over here the amount I saw today is nothing to the. breadth of painting produced continually in New York. Also why is it that the West End galleries, can stay open late and have special talks and events put on in celebration of 250 years of the RA, but not do it every year for the public. They need to make art more accesable to the public at large.

  But thats another story. Time to get back to the studio, so many thoughts and ideas. Bring them all on!!

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