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random prints
random prints
Collateral marks
Collateral marks


24th February, 2019

Well, following the printmaking course in Southampton, I continued to have fun in the studio experimenting with basic methods of printing. When my pallet became to wet, I used Kitchen roll to soak up the paint. I was amazed at the clarity of the printed marks and made many more. The kitchen roll provided an almost earthy rough texture, that reminded me of being out in open spaces where such textures exist, albeit on a different kind of surface. The collateral marks are also being saved and used in paintings.

These basic mono prints have been used as collage in recent paintings and are often the starting point for a new work. Like Collatoral marks, I am not sure what the kitchen roll prints will look like until they are printed, as the paint is applied in a random manner. But Picasso once said, "If you know what you are doing why do it in the first Place" This is true, I let the random marks inform me in their own way so they are telling me what to do. 

The top image opposite shows marks made from a pallet, waiting to be used. The bottom image shows collateral marks made during the process of painting.

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