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Acidification 4 in ONCA GALLERY window
Acidification 4 in ONCA GALLERY window
Sullied Seas Solo exhibition ONCA GALLERY
Sullied Seas Solo exhibition ONCA GALLERY

Solo Exhibition 11th - 26th February 2017

4th August, 2017

It was great to have a Solo Exhibiton at ONCA Gallery Brighton.

ONCA is very concerned with the environment, so all work exhibited is related to the protection of the planet, and in my case the ocean. Curating the exhibition with Lydia Heath the gallery manager and one of the volunteers, Maria from Italy, was a good experience. The main floor to ceiling window at the front of the gallery is stunning with stained glass inserts at the top. Artists hang one artwork suspended from the top of the window space and facing the steet. This is backed by a further image ,the same size, which faces inwards towards the gallery space. 

The exhibiton also had the pleasure of an evening of talks where a member of the National Oceanography Centre Southampton gave a very enlightening talk to support the exhibiton and the gallery. I also gave a talk about my work on the same evening. 

It was good to read the feedback from the public in the visitors book and also to talk to people about my work. It is hoped that the message and meaning behind the paintings has resnonated, and people, if only a few, are more aware of how serious the problem of ocean toxicity is. 

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