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Brick Lane Gallery
Brick Lane Gallery
Sugar And Spice
Sugar And Spice

Exhibitions and new things!

9th November, 2016

Well I have not got to Connemara yet but it is firmly planned for early 2017. Hopefully I will be able to photgraph some dramatic seas at that time of year.

Exhibitions: I had an exhibiton in August called Sugar and Spice with Plastic Propaganda in St Katharine Dock. It was about the spice trade that infiltrated the Dock in 1825. It was a time of exoticism and aestheticism emmanting from the East.

Publication: I wrote an essay for the exhibiton catalogue called Exocticism, Individualism and the Aesthetics of Difference. I enjoyed writing it, and doing the research.

New Exhibition: Am in an exhibiton called, RURAL VS URBAN at The Brick Lane Gallery, there are six artists exhibiting. Lovely little gallery in Sclatter Street just off Brick Lane, and good wall space. Looking forward to the PV which should be fun. The exhibiton runs from 10th-20th November.

New Work: Have opened a new colletion box called Barriers. It is very influenced by the philosopher Walter Benjamin, and the metalic structures of modernity seen in Westminster Underground station. The forst paintings are small for me. But much larger nes will follow and are in plannig. Have also started work on acidification and will upload that work soon and work between Barriers and Acidification. Basically Barriers deals with the contrast between the flow of the sea and the ongoing march of industry. It will bthe static solidity versus flow - the flow and flux of the ocean,(see new collection and background pages)

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