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light on the Tide Talisker Beach
light on the Tide Talisker Beach
Porthmere Beach
Porthmere Beach

Goodbye Cornwall and an Atlantic comparison

8th October, 2015

So it's goodby Cornwall. The weather could not have been better and I cannot thank my hosts Simon and Vanessa enough for their ever heartwarming hospitality. Falmouth has been a journey of discovery as I did not know it very well. It is a lovely town, and has the advantage of a fantastic University ofthe Arts.

I am intrigued by my journeys to the Atlantic in Pembrokeshire, Cornwall and Skye, in how the Atlantic presents itself in such varied ways. In Pembrokeshire it is a Coastal National Park and one is very aware of this at all times. Both Pembrokeshire and Cornwall were the subject of great sunny weather while visiting. Skye however was not. But the north and south aspects of the Atlantic make a huge difference. Both Cornwall and Pembrokeshire embrace a milder climate especially Cornwall which can have good weather in September through to November as well as mild winters.

Skye  on the North Atlantic and therefore nearer to Norway and Scandinavia experinces far more extremes of weather. This is enhanced by its mountainous terrain which takes the force of any bad weather so sheltering other islands in the Inner Hebrides such as Harris and Raasay. Most important is that Skye is part of an archipelago where the collision of land and sea is constant. It is not mainland and this collision is the source of a unique light often silver light that has a certain spirituality.

I wonder how the light will be in Connemara-we will wait and see.

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