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In this body of wor,k produced largly in the first Covid  lockdown, there is a lot of memory and nostalgis involved. 

The paintings depict the experiences of time spent in the West of Ireland as a child as well as exploring my own experience of Irish cukture while living in England, but spending holidays in Ireland. While the lived experience of place is importamt in this work, I have also made reference to Irish Dancing as it is something that is so inherant in Irish Culture.

The depiction of a separate panel  painted in each painting, realises that while Irish Dancing is a joyful experience full of exhuberance and energy, it is also very diciplined. It requires a straight back and arms held firmly to the side oft the body. The separate sections with a dividing line make refernece to the notion of dicipline while also celebrating the music and Irish Dance as an entity in itself. 

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