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I have always been drawn to the nature of paint. I love its ability to work with another media, and virtually any surface. The materiality of paint, its fluidity, and its prowess, in not only doing what it wants to do, but equally suggesting to me what I need to do, is a constant source of exploration and dialogue.

The work is also a narrative that is played out on two levels. Collateral marks formed while working, are saved and fed into the next painting as part of an ongoing story. A discarded older surface, reassembled, finds a new home within another painting. The reinvention of one painted surface within another, emphasises the transformative qualities of paint and the nature of its materiality. The latter part of this narrative is related to phenomena seen, felt and experienced in the surrounding world. This is not about documentation or recording, it is about making sense of that experience. This for me can only be relived via the abstract. It is not tangible, simply something felt. The experience of one narrative eventually reinvents itself within another context.  The conversation with such a narrative is a continuing process. 

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