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Mary Eighteen News

10th December, 2017
Exhibiting at Cornforth Studios
4th August, 2017
13th February, 2017
9th November, 2016
29th May, 2016
Art Exhibition at St Katherine Dock
27th April, 2016
Alan Cristea Gallery
15th April, 2016
New collages Work on Wallpaper
12th April, 2016
23rd February, 2016
Citizen of Science
3rd February, 2016
Sullied Atlantic
20th October, 2015
One work on paper 5 ft x 4 ft - One work on Canvas 6 ft x 5 ft
8th October, 2015
Atlantic Comparison
8th October, 2015
Carbis Bay
8th October, 2015
St Ives
2nd October, 2015
Cornwall Atlantic
1st October, 2015
20th September, 2015
Good by
20th September, 2015
The needle
20th September, 2015
On the Quiraing
19th September, 2015
Walking the Quiraing
17th September, 2015
Storr part two
17th September, 2015
The Old Man Of Storr
16th September, 2015
Talisker Bay with Tom Hodgetts
16th September, 2015
Talisker Beach with Tom Hodgetts
16th September, 2015
Photographing Skye with Tom Hodgetts
14th September, 2015
Skye Bus to Skye Bridge
14th September, 2015
My journey to Skye
9th September, 2015
After a nine and a half year journey I finally crossed the Skye Bridge.
8th September, 2015
Here we have the first tentative works for the Slicks collection.
7th September, 2015
I started researching the Sullied Atlantic series seriously last April.
20th July, 2015
Mary will be crossing the Skye bridge on the 26th August.
14th July, 2015
Legendary ocean researcher Sylvia Earle shares astonishing images of the ocean and shocking stats about its rapid decline as she makes her TED Prize wish.
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