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Sullied Atlantic 9
Sullied Atlantic 9
Rocks near Porthmere Beach
Rocks near Porthmere Beach

New Work

1st October, 2015

This is a recent piece of work for the Sullied Atlantic Collection. It is a triptych. Each section is 16 x 24 inches but designed to be shown as one piece. The colour reflects the Sullied Atlantic Series, in that it addresses the threat to the ocean if we dont put in place the changes that need to be made to preserve it. It has the signature strip of bright blue that can be seen in this collection of work, this time at the bottom of the painting.  This is to show the Ocean fighting back and pre-empts a future project called glimpses (see earlier newspage). If you have not yet seen Sylvia Earle's video (see former news page) then do so. As a great marine biologist she spells out clearly the state of our oceans and what needs to be done to protect them.

Under the image of the painting I have attached a photograph recently taken on a visit to Cornwall to photograph the Atlantic. It is of the rocks near Porthmere Beach in St Ives. The sea was clear and unsullied, truly as blue as in the photograph. When looking out at such a clear expanse of the ocean stretching out to the horizon I am reminded of how it would look if things went wrong. By this I mean if such an area of crystal clear beauty were to be subject to the industrial effects of human error such as oil slicks and marine pollution. Something to think about-and not just for the weekend.


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