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Slicks 8
Slicks 8
Slicks 9
Slicks 9

New Work on Paper for Slicks

15th April, 2016

While I have started working on a new collection called Captures, I have been slow in returning to the development of Slicks. This because i had many ideas and they needed consolidating.

Then I saw this great indented plain white wallpaper and immediatly saw the potential of drawings for Slicks. I have really enjoyed working in Graphite. I first slightly tinted areas of the paper with nearly dry pigment, and then worked into the surface with Graphite Pencil. Graphite Powder was used to give darkness and depth to certain areas. In Slicks 7, I ripped a section of wallpaper to use as collage on the left hand side of Slicks 7 which added a new dimension and interest  as can be seen on the left hand side of the drawing.

Slicks 8 responds to the gentle and bequiling colours that can be seen on certain oil slicks. The colour belies the more sinister underbelly of the slicks which cause havoc to wild life, the marine environment and the pollution suffered in the aftermath of a slicks damage and devastation. I am now wondering if I can also later mix a wallpaper surface on canvas with a painted surface on canvas, I have the wallpaper paste already!! This may work well with the use of gesture in relation to paint and the exploration of gentle colours that deflect from that which is aactually ominous and subsequently life threatening.

It has been exciting exploring new materials which open up further chanels for investigation regarding how painting and drawing can be portrayed and its flexibitity with varied materials.

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