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Water: Digital Print
Water: Digital Print

Digital Slicks

28th February, 2016

In 2012 I travelled via Toulouse to a beautiful village in the Midi Pyranees called Montmiral. It was a chance to wotk with other professionals from varied countries to develop our own individual projects. I brought my sketchbooks and ideas concerning the James River Ghost Fleet with me. The tutorials and studio space was so valuable and the atmosphere inspiring.

The tutorials were informative and encouraging and while I was there it was suggested that i work in photoshop. I was not sure about this at first but it was a good move.  I was working on images relative to water. This included dripping and working with the notion of chance and the controlled in unison with each other. I decided to distort the images by folding and undulating the paper.

When fed into Photoshop, by adjusting the light and further distorting the images, an affect was created that I am now returning to.

Last year the Refugio Beach oil leak in California opened up the need to work on a collection called Slicks. The digital images produced in France, are now paving the way for new work. But more recent digital work will be used to inform paintings or other work produced, and also to experiment with other materials to use with paint such as shellac and maybe wax, and most certainly graphite powder. I think it is going to be a busy week this week, and maybe a bit messy!!!

But also supporting this work is new research.

The Anoxic will be a major part of the work from now on. Slicks are part of this as they form a large part of ocean pollutants. But they are not on their own. The problem of acidification, as a result  of carbon emmisions and the fact that Climate Change is a cultural dilemma is also a force.

Climate change is directly related to the rising oceans We as humans need to learn how to live with this by being sensitive to the need to address this concern in our time.

The Oceans represent 71% of the earths surface, so we need to protect it in order to protect outselves.

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