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Captures 1:  Work on Paper
Captures 1: Work on Paper
Captures 2: Work on Paper
Captures 2: Work on Paper


4th February, 2016

According to new research and study the Ocean is absorbing 50% more Carbon than it was ten years ago. Needless to say if this research is acurate the threat of acidification of the Ocean is very clear and very real.

The Atlantic Ocean is according to the same research acidifying at a rapid rate. Carbon in the atmosphere has risen by 355 parts per million in 1989 to just over 400 parts per million in 2015. Phytoplankton, the tiny sea plants that are a vital source of food for marine life including whales and dolphins are also under threat from acidification that similarly weakens the surface of shelled organisms.

Captures, although in its initial planning, is a forthcoming collection of work that addresses the notion of a sea so overwhelmed by acidification that only small particles of blue can be seen or experienced. The collection of work will also address the idea of capturing a moment before it becomes past history - a history we need to postpone,as it were, by addressing the oceans problems within the present.

Climate Change cannot be ignored within this scenario. Human beings help to accelerate climate change via the production of Carbon Emisions. But as responsible human beings we can contribute to halting the acceleration of climate change by adhering to the alleviation of this  problem through the way we live and conduct our lives within the everyday.

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