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SLicks 6
SLicks 6

SLICKS: :New Paintings

17th November, 2015

Before I traveled to Skye I made two preliminary works on paper for the new collection called Slicks. But I was at the time working on the Sullied Atlantic series and still am, there is still much work to be done on this collection. But  I have also started working on Slicks and have now opened a collection box in relation to this So far there are three works on paper and four works on canvas. The works on canvas are small and are starters for larger work.

At the moment I am working on a large work for Sullied Atlantic but am considering carefully the start of a larger work for the progression of slicks.

While not a landscape painter there is a suggestion of landscape in some works for Sullied Atlantic. It is only a suggestion or reference, not surprising after the experience of the elements on Skye. But Slicks is more about the manipulation of the materials themselves. This makes me think equally about the manipulation of Canvas and other fibres that could be utilised to affect in forthcoming projects.

Slicks will determin the notion of experimentation with materials and presentation of the materials used. But probably more in relation to the notion of a future collection called Captures. In the digital world we have  a utility called screen capture. It made me think about capturing a moment - a moment that might not exist in the future by which I mean the state of the oceans and ecology as it exists at present.

By juxtaposing a Capture with a visual expression of what could be the position of our oceanic environment in the future a new way of presenting work and images will be considered carefully.

At the moment certain paintings are in more than one section sometimes in two or three sections. This is to enhance the notion of fragmentation by which I mean the fragmentation of the ocean, in terms of acidification and pollutents. This idea will be taken further as other collections progress and formulate.

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