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Sullied Atlantic 10
Sullied Atlantic 10
Sullied Atlantic 11
Sullied Atlantic 11

Two New Works For Sullied Atlantic

20th October, 2015

These two works have taken some time. They extend the Sullied Atlantic collection and are very much inspired by my visit to the Isle of Skye. The Sullied Atlantic Collection started before the visit to Skye, indeed I had started the large work on paper but felt I could not continue it until I had made the visit. On return home I was able to continue the work and complete it.

 But also I then visited Cornwall and became very aware of the difference in the light on the Island and on the Atlantic coast in Cornwall. It is hoped that the next two works will address the variation in light in Cornwall and on Skye.

The large work on paper (Sullied Atlantic 10) grew from the whole sense of the elements in relation to the experience of the light in Skye. There maybe a rainstorm brewing but the light prevails no matter what, and the light changes on a consistent level always fluctuating and merging in a perpetual state of transformation

The large work on Canvas (Sullied Atlantic 11) is dark and brooding and grew from the experience related in the Skye news pages on Talisker Bay. Here the rain, tide and darkening horizon at the end of the day, combined with the eeriness of the former volcanic rock enveloping the bay, provided a feeling of disorientation as well as a brooding and melancholy atmosphere.

The purity of the Hebridean North Atlantic has been sullied on paper and canvas by the use of black and the suggestion of something that could happen. That something like the unknown is represented in the bottom right hand corner of the large painting on canvas (Sullied Atlantic 11). Here the blue surface  appears to be floating as if in a state of suspense against the brown background. It reflects the state of suspension and unconsolidated future concerning the ocean. In Ireland the Connemara Coast is a National Park as is the coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales. I do wonder if this should be the case for the Hebrides and Cornwall. Like Sylvia Earles Hope Spots we need to have hope in order to  secure the future of the Oceans.

Look out for Slicks which is in process. The collection for Slicks will open in the not to distant future. It will be a small collection to begin with but will grow and develop over time.

There is still much to be done for the Sullied Atlantic Collection but at the same time am continually thinking about the Captures collection mentioned in a former newspage but I know it will grow out of Sullied Atlantic.

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