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Fine Art Commissions
Fine Art Commissions

Mary is happy to take on commissions for a specific artwork. She is interested in working with corporate organisations as well as private clients. You may want a statement piece for an office, foyer or specific site location. This maybe of any size from small, medium to large, and very large scale work. The scale of the work involved will determine whether the work should be produced on or off site  This is something to be considered by the client in relation to the theme or concept required.  It could be that a collection of smaller works is required to accomodate a selection of rooms or areas of work

Partnerships: The Oceans

The nature of her developing collections means that Mary is very interested in working with organisations that want to assist in raising awareness of the problem we face universally regarding our oceans. She would like to form an alliance with organisations willing to support her in her visual journey. If you want to get involved your interest will be warmly welcomed, and you could be one step nearer to helping to protect our oceans. Remember,the oceans welfare affects all communities globaly. If interested simply go to the contact page.

How does a commission transpire

After intial contact there will be an arranged one to one or group meeting. This is usually on the site of the proposed commission. Following discussions and an understanding of the site specific needs, preparatory work will be produced for consideration and further debate. Healthy and lively partnerships can be as involved as they like, and an organsiation can be as active as they wish in the sharing and discussion of ideas.

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