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Background to Transitions
Background to Transitions

As the constant march of industry keeps progressing,  and carbon dioxide continues to suffocate our seas, the level of oxygen within the oceans is severely threatened. Black holes where large areas of the ocean have no oxygen, are basically dead zones for fish and other marine life that enter those black holes. 

Similarly a world without oxygen threatens our own survival. While air pollution in London and other cities worldwide have reached dangerous levels, equally the ocean which is 70% of our land mass is seriously affected. 

The Oxygen Depletion Collection of work which is as yet quite new, addresses this scenario. A more monchrome brown format has been used and paler colours such as those used in Oxygen Depletion 5 respond to a fading out of air and the tragedy of a  world without oxygen. The notion of nothing and suffocation is considered here.

There are three istallation pieces in progress where canvas on a wall is juxtaposed with canvases on ramps below the paintings. These address a the disruption of the natural world and the need to block that disruption where possible.

When completed these three painted installation pieces will be added to the collection alongside other new work. 

The collection is being created to be presented as a whole body of work

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