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Background to Sullying of the Atlantic
Background to Sullying of the Atlantic

A Neglected Atlantic

The Sullying of the Atlantic transpired from the Ghost Fleet collection. The toxic nature of the Ghost Fleet outlined the problem concerning marine transport and it's relationship with the oceans.  Given that the James River  flows into the southern area of Chesapeake Bay and then into the Atlantic I decided to make this ocean a priority for investigation. At the moment the Atlantic does not have the same reserves regarding protection as other oceans do. The Great British Oceans Campaign is addressing this problem at home. Here in the UK more coastal areas such as South Cornwall, Hartland Point Devon, the Northumberland Coast and the Hebrides need to be made Coastal National Parks to conserve the ocean and implement sustainability. Pembrokeshire could be the lead advisor here.

Purity and Impurity

The collection  Sullied Atalantic  explores the notion of purity and impurity. I visited the Pembrokeshire Coast in the first instance as it is a National Park and a protected conservation area. But the jewel in the crown has been the visit to Skye (see news page) Further plans are now in process to visit Cornwall, Hartland Point Devon,  Connemara on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way and Norway.  This to record photographically the Atlantic  unsullied and then to depict it sullied via the artwork. The motivation is once again to raise awareness of the plight of the oceans (see Sylvia Earle video in the news section and on Facebook) and to take action to help prevent the future catastrophy that is evolving

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