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Background to Special Project: The Ocean as Abject

In 1980 Julia Kristeva, the Bulagrian/French philosopher, psychoanalyst and social critic, wrote an essay called Powers of Horror. In this essay Kristeva coined the phrase Abjection in order to depict human trauma.. For Kristeva the abject is beyond imagination, but always the human person (or persons) is central to her argument. Abjection  evokes defilement, horror and the unimaginable. Kristeva emanates the essence of how human trauma can be.

The Ocean as Abject appropriates Kristeva's abjection by placing it firmly in the realms of the death of the ocean. Imagine a world where the 70% of our seas incorporated within our land mass, has become so suffocated by Carbon Dioxide and other toxic singularities, that it can no longer produce oxygen. That which does not seem imaginable happens, and the enevitibility of  this is our own self imposed annihilation. The mistake  is  ours, who, through our own banal disinterest continually destroy the very world we wants to live in. With no oxygen we cannot live,  but the ocean and the planet can continue in another format. The sixth extinction threatening humanity is already in stages of development. The collection pertaining to the Ocean as Abject presents an apocalyptic scenario for us to consider before it is to late,  and the inevitable takes its course.

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