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Background to Present Work

After several years working in further education, I felt an overwhelming need to be involved in my own work again, and return to my love of painting. This has been quite a journey, 

At first I was interested in exploring the problems affecting our oceans. I travelled to the Isle of Skye to witness the purity of the Atlantic there. Following this visit, a body of work was produced. However, I became increasingly aware as I worked, that although a keen supporter of the environment, I was not an environmental artist. Whether the city, or the wider aspects of our natural world, it was the experience of these things out there in the world, felt and not prescribed, that was important. This reflected directly to studio practice where the experience felt out there in the world, found equanimity in the materials used.

I took eight months out, to simply follow my instincts, and develop a new and continuing body of work. I have always loved paint, its materiality, its dexterity and flow. I love also the deviant manner in which it can work with virtually any other medium. It is a constant source of inspiration. Mostly, I love the manner in which the paint tells me what to do, rather than me tell it what to do. The narrative of the felt experience within the world, reinvents itself in the narrative of the materials used. Collateral marks left from the painted process are fed into a forthcoming work. A recycled section of canvas finds a home in another painting. Experimental painted prints on varied surfaces, become collaged areas of the painting or indeed a starting point. The return to colour has also been invigorating, and a joy. Long may this journey and conversation with paint continue.

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