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Spending summers on the West of Irelands Atlantic Coast as a child, evoked a fascination with water. The seas ever changing and ephemeral surface and it's ability to reflect light, was a seductive phenomena to experience. The purity of such places needs to be preserved.

In present times, the threat to this enigmatic purity is threatend by human involved activity. Subsequently, the constant toxins from industrial and human waste,  are slowly transforming the ocean as we know it into a potentialy unknown quantity. It is this problem that has made me  look at the vulnerability of our oceans. 

My paintings are a metaphor for change. They allude to an opposition to ecological purity and human endeavour, by presenting an oceanic world devoid of social concern. The paintings and recent installation work, are the opposite of purity. They present a sullied ecology, sucked into an anoxic environment. They acknowledge an indulgence in nature's richness, while at the same time destroying this possibility through banality and thoughtlessness. 

I work in a series of collections which I can work between and update at any time. This is to enable research into the varied problems facing the ocean, and subsequently the world, such as acidification.  The collection Sullied Seas was inspired by a week spent on the Isle of Skye. 

Sometimes the work can be influenced by crtical writing as in the Ocean as Abject Collection. Of late both in The Ocean as Abject and Oxygen Depletion, I have presented painting as installation in order to further investigate a world out of sinc with nature. The placing of canvases on steps and ramps suggests a disruption not just in nature, but in the manner of how one might present a painting.

I align the tranformative nature of paint and its fluidity, with the transformative elements of our seas and oceans in order to bring to light the need to preserve them. 

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