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The Collections


I am concerned with the physical materiality of painting, and its subsequent relationship with a surface.

The process is therefore about how the paint reacts when it meets its newly designated space. How will the constancy of flow and dispersion, create its own agenda when it disrupts this surface? While there is the starting point of an idea, I like the paint to tell me what is happening. The relationship between myself, the materials and their physicality, is tantamount to the process and production of work. The paint, can disrupt a flat canvas surface, or the canvas can be disrupted by changing the presentation and position of the canvas, in order to experience the materials themselves in a new form. Similarly, the surface does not always have to be a canvas. This methodology, also transcends histories and geographies. The sense of a geographical space experienced, (In my case the West coast of Ireland), emanates from the materials that inhabit such a place. The collision of land and sea, the solid and the fluid, determines the meeting of the mutable and immutable. For me this experience is realised within the physicality of paint, not as a landscape, but within the materials themselves, and their relationship with geographical space. Such experiences also touch on heritage. Childhood memories evoke the smells and odours of such places. The paintings can relive such experience, but equally stand alone as an experience in themselves.

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