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Background to Captures
Background to Captures

The notion of Captures has derived from researching ocean dead zones, acidification and anoxia. There are areas and patches of ocean that have no oxygen and fish and other marine life cannot live in these areas. This is the result of  the amount of carbon Dioxide within the ocean not being expelled. The onward march of industry that is not always sensitive to conservation and the environment has served to escalate the problem.

Climate change has been enhanced by a lack of human responsibility in our time. The G8 Summit in Paris did give some hope and many nations aggreed to cut Carbon Emmissions and have set targets to do so. But we as individuals must not only be aware of these problems but be active in addressing them within our everyday environment, and especially the ocean.

Captures addresses a future world in which there will possibly not be enough oxygen to survive. If the oceans die then we all die with it. The reality of a future in which this could happen is very plausible, worrying and uninviting. 

In Captures you are invited to view the ocean fighting back. In many of the works there will be small areas of imaginary ocean set against larger areas of blackness, this to suggest the notion of fragmentation, wherein particles of the sea fight back for survival.

With the continued endeavours of scientific research supported by herculian efforts of human responsibility we can change things and keep the threats that face us at bay. Captures is a metaphor for this scenario.

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