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Background to Acidification
Background to Acidification

As the fight to combat climate change escalates the notion of acidification becomes more paramount. Rising acidity levels in the oceans. The impact on shell fish and the Benthic Communities that live within the Shelf Sea, speaks for itself. Within the food chain other marine life depend on shellfish for nourishment. When that nourishment is no longer there, a domino affect occurs. When one eco sytem is destroyed then the whole eco system is eventually affected threatening the life balance of both animal and human life.

As the infiltration of Carbon Dioxide increases in the ocean, and the ocean absorbs more CO2, a chemical reaction takes place causing a decreased amount of carbonates. The long term biological facts of ocean acidification are uncertain, but acidification in coral reefs and Benthic Communities is a threat to our eco system. Dr Andy Ridgwell of Bristol University has said, "Ocean acidification today is at least 10 times faster than at any other time in History." The expansion of airports and other industries and the continual use of fossil fuels evoke a trend toward self annihalation. This is no flight of the imagination. Ocean acidification caused by carbon emmissions that eventually are absorbed by the sea, juxtaposed with climate change and rising sea levels are the cultural threat of our time.

These paintings aim to bring impact and attention to this matter and provide a catalyst for thought and contemplation.

The top image depicted is a scientific photograph. The image below is a work on paper called Acidification 3, and is part of a response to the situation and is part of a new collection of work.

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