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Mary Eighteen

Mary is an abstract artist working in the South of England. She studied fine art at Leeds, and later received and MA in Visual Theories from the University of East London. Having worked in art education, she is now working from her home studio in Berkshire, where she likes to explore the physicality/possibility of the materials used. This involves, acrylic and oil paint, inks, pigment, household paint, wax, epoxy resin, and other substances that lend themselves to the diversity of form and flow, that occurs when paint and other materials interrogate the surface they are applied to. She likes to work on a large scale, but this is also punctuated by smaller work.


DECEMBER 7th 2017: CORNFORTH GALLERY AND STUDIOS NEWBURY. Christmas Salon Exhibition: December 7th - December 23rd

SOLO EXHIBITION: February 2017: ONCA GALLERY BRIGHTON: SULLIED SEAS: 16th-26th February: This was the first solo exhibiton and an exciting experience. The exhibition,  Sullied Seas  addressed ocean toxicity. Workshops and talks ran alongside the exhibiton. On 23rd February, there were talks from myself and also the National Oceanography Centre Southampton. See ONCA GALLERY website for details of what events supported the exhibiton. Also my news page on

November 2016: BRICK LANE GALLERY: RURAL VS Urban: 10th-20th  November  with - Emanuele Basile, KreaSteve, Mark Franklin, Pascal Fessler, Ronni Ravon Glucksam, Zephyra Vun, Mary Eighteen

August 2016: SUGAR AND SPICE : Curated by Plastic Propaganda:St Katharine Dock: London. 21st August - 4th September with - Simon Brewster, Ros Burgin, Russell Coleman, Deborah Croftes, Karen Doyle, Jackie Duckworth, Susam Eyre, Ryan Everson, Mourle Ferryman, Josephine Harvatt, Justine Johnson, Sarah Needham, Ruth Packam, Clare Smith, Jacqueline Talbot, Ian Vines, Jane Walker, Sally Ward, Mary Eighteen.

May 2016: NAUTICAL PERSPECTIVES: Exhibited with Plastic Propaganda. Devon House St Katherine Dock. London with -  Mira Andres, Anya Beaumont, Simon Brewster, Richard Brooks, Mandy Broughton, John Butterworth, Lizzie Cannon, Richard Clarke, P oppy Clover, Anjula Crocker,  Deborah Crofts, Robert Lee Davis, Jackie Duckworth, Lisa evans, Emma Finch, Liesha Jane, Linda Lieberman, Jez Giddings, Lucy Gresley, Mark Howland, JF Masson, Sarah Needham, Victoria Paquino, Peter Sainty, Angela Smith, Clare Smith, Vinnie Stapley, Marion Stuart, Dani Tagen, Ian Vines, Sally Ward.

ONGOING: Collaboration with a UK based Multimedia artist, who has an interest in Science and the Anthropocene.  Working on The Ocean as Abject,  a proposed exhibiton exploring the death of the ocean.  Julia Kristeva's essay Powers of Horror, perpetuates the abject as juxtaposed with human trauma. This exhibition appropriates Kristeva's abject, placing abjection within the realms of ocean toxicity. The exhibiton proposal also explores this dilemma by placing video alongside painting as installation. This is  to explore the frame as well as the artwork in relation to oceanic ajection.


2018. ARLINGTON ARTS: INSIGHT EXHIBITION: Saturday 12th May - Sunday 3rd June 2017

2018. COVER TO COVER: WEST BERKSHIRE MUSEUM: Exhibition of Artists sketchbooks. Date to be consolidated

2018: OPEN STUDIOS: West Berkshire and North Hampshire. My Work will be represented by CORNFORTH STUDIOS

2017: ABSTRACT:  BETWEEN SEDUCTION AND DEFILEMENT: A VISUAL ENCOUNTER WITH ABJECTION VIA CONCEPTS OF  FRAMING WITHIN PAINTNG AND VIDEO is accepted for participation  with  the University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania this October 2017. The Abstract is a proposal for the exhibiton The Ocean as Abject (see




2017: ON SULLIED SEAS. 22ndAugust 2016 March

2016: EXOTICISM< INDIVIDUALISM AND THE AESTHETICS OF DIFFERENCE, in SUGAR AND SPICE an exhibiton of contempoary art and culture (catalogue) August 2016

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